Eve Breckenridge 2018 is coming! (Feb 1st-4th)

Hey everyone! Tentative planning for Eve Breckenridge 2018 has begun. This will be the 4th “official” Eve Breck, and turnout has grown every year.

Eve Breckenridge started as simply a few Eve players who had known each other for years, deciding to take a ski trip together. After a few years of the group slowly growing, they decided to open it up to the wider Eve Online community. It’s just a bunch of Eve players meeting up in Breckenridge Colorado, and going skiing and snowboarding, and hanging out. (We’ve always had a wide range of skill levels, from bunnyslopers to experts, so don’t feel intimidated if you don’t have much experience.) We often have a number of people show up who are just there to hang out and don’t ski, so if you fall into that category, we’ll be happy to have you too, don’t be shy!

What does it cost? There is no “Eve Breck pass” or anything like that. The only costs are those associated with the trip itself. Some costs to keep in mind.

Hotel: Roughly 300-350 a night, minimum. I recommend sharing with someone, which will of course cut that in half. You can also probably find something a bit cheaper than that if you start looking early.

Ski passes: Full day passes are going to be around 120-150 a day. You can also get half day passes for a bit more than half that (75-90 or so). If you are planning on skiing 3 or more days, I recomend buying a multi-day pass in advance from here.

Transportation: Breckenridge is very walkable. There is no real need for a rental car, as Uber and hotel shuttles are cheap/free respectively, and will get you mostly anywhere. If you do decide to get a rental car, they can be had for ~130 a day or so, which does become very affordable if you are pooling with 2-4 other people. There is also a shuttle that runs regularly to and from the airport in Denver that is aprox $75 each way.

Food: We typically eat out every night. Expect to spend $20-$40 on an entree at most places. It is a tourist town. Some places are cheaper, like Erics, which we will almost certainly eat at at least once. If you are drinking, expect that to be not cheap as well (though not as expensive as some other meetups, like Vegas).

Gear: We recommend the AMR Ski and Board shop. It’s directly across the street from the gondola to the ski hill. Expect the basic rental package to be less than $30 a day. Snowboards are a bit cheaper than skis. He also does rent jackets and ski pants. I would recommend buying proper ski socks, as they are relatively cheap and will make your experience much more comfortable. For the rest of your clothing, you can wear anything that is cold weather rated and not cotton (you will inevitably get wet, and cotton does not do well wet).

If you are interested in coming, please RSVP below so we can have a rough idea of numbers for restaurant reservations and gear rentals!


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